What vision and values drove the organizational change proposed by

In the paper, you are required to use a minimum of 10 sources. The ten sources refer to sources for complete paper. However, you need to use as many sources as it takes to address paper requirements. You may only use organization websites (AZ Board of Regents and ASU) and AZ Central news stories related to hiring of Dr. Crow. No other internet sources allowed. Use enough words to address each part of the paper. The context for this paper will be that ASU has just selected a new President Michael Crow. You will address the prompt below by analyzing the organizational change that took place at ASU. You will need to read old newspaper articles and Board of Regents meeting minutes. Do your best to put together a picture of what ASU was like under previous President Lattie Coor and what changes occurred with the arrival of President Crow Template for Paper 2 Introduction Section 1 ◾Background• What is the organization?• What does this organization do?• What were the drivers of the change?

• Were they internal or external? What level (individual, group, or organizational) did the change occur? ◾Describe the current leader of ASU as it has gone through organizational change: Who was the leader before the current leader. Describe previous leader’s vision for the organization. Did the events driving the change occur when he/she (President Coor) was in charge? Who were the key decision makers in selecting the new leaders? ◾What vision and values drove the organizational change proposed by President Crow? Section 2 ◾Identify and explain the Barriers to Change in the organization? Were a lack of resources, employees resistance or lack of support from other top managers the primary barriers? ◾Is there a consensus on what the goal of the change would be?• How did the organization’s employees respond to the proposed changes? Why might employees resist change?

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