Transportation Regulation and Policy

 8–10 slides (Does not include Title and Reference slides) Describe the goals and impact of transportation regulation & policy; specifically the impact on modes of transportation, their respective functionalities, and the critical elements of the U.S. transportation system. Transportation has played a tremendous role in shaping the economy and social structure of the United States. Create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines what you consider to be the most significant regulations and policies that have had the impact on air, ground, rail, and ocean transportation. Provided at least 1 regulation and 1 policy per mode of transportation. Be sure to include the following: Title slide Description of each regulation or policy Explanation as to what led to the creation of the regulation or policy Explanation of the regulation or policy’s impact on the mode of transportation Explanation of critical elements of the regulation or policy Citations and References according to APA format Note: Complete speaker notes of 200–250 words for each slide.

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