TOPIC: Planning for Training Session This assignment will provide the

TOPIC: Planning for Training Session

This assignment will provide the structure for the actual objectives, assessments, and instructional experiences and materials you will fully develop later in the course.

Based on the findings from your needs assessment, in 750- 1000 words total, do the following:

  1. Explain how you will go about solving the organizational problem you identified.
  2. Describe your general approach to the training solution you will develop.
  3. Write one to two learning objectives that will be the desired performance outcome of your intended learners.
  4. Describe the assessments you will use, both formative and summative, to assess how well your learners meet the objectives.
  5. Explain why your assessment techniques will be appropriate and effective in assessing student learning.
  6. Explain the learning materials you will gather and construct that will give the learners the knowledge and skills they will need to meet the objectives.
  7. Explain why the materials and learning experiences you provide will be effective in helping the learners meet the objectives.

Cite at least three academic sources to support your claims.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.


Read Chapters 3, 4, and 5 in The Trainer’s Handbook.

Read “Tips for Writing Effective Learning Objectives,” from Communique (2019).

Read “Design of Learning Objects for Concept Learning: Effects of Multimedia Learning Principles and an Instructional Approach,” by Chiu and Churchill, from Interactive Learning Environments (2015).

Read “Objectives that Students Understand,” by Marzano, from Educational Leadership (2011).

Read “Examination of the Teaching Styles of Nursing Professional Development Specialists, Part I: Best Practices in Adult Learning Theory, Curriculum Development, and Knowledge Transfer,” by Curran, from The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing (2014).

Read “How Can We Align Learning Objectives, Instructional Strategies, and Assessments?,” by Kurt, from Educational Technology (2020).

Read “Learning Eye to Eye: Aligning Training to Business Objectives,” by Biech, from the Association for Talent Development website.

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