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Use your close reading observations and thesis that you developed in the Close Reading & Thesis Worksheet for this first paper. Craft an interpretation of the passage and play. Devise a strong thesis that makes an interpretive claim about a specific theme or topic. Draft your paper. Introduce your thesis in the first paragraph and explain how your close reading of the language in the passage supports your thesis.* Refer to and discuss other sections of the play that contradict your analysis, and explain how your interpretation still makes sense (or, revise your interpretation to account for this textual evidence).*** **Include at least TWO short quotes from your selected passage (see Worksheet for list of passage selections) in your paper. You may include an additional short quote or two from other sections of the play. *** Include at least one quote of relevant information from one of the introductions in The Norton Shakespeare. You may use the “General Introduction” and/or one of the introductions to a specific play.

Cite the author of the introduction and page number(s) at the end of the quote. (If you’re using the digital Norton Shakespeare, cite the author of the introduction and the subtitle for the section of the introduction where the quoted information appears.) Always explain how quoted lines support your thesis. A good rule of thumb is that the description of a quote should be at least as long as the quote itself. Avoid plot summaries! Write for an audience who also has just read the text. Focus on your interpretation and analysis, rather than on explaining plot. Also avoid platitudes about what a great writer William Shakespeare was. You don’t need to convince your reader of that claim. After you complete a draft of the whole paper, review your thesis and see if you can make it more focused and specific. Proofread and polish your prose. Refer to the Worksheet for Reviewing Your WritingPreview the document for a guide on proofreading. Review How to Cite Shakespeare in Frequently Asked Questions. Underline your thesis and include a word count (not including quotations. The final page of your paper should be a List of Works Cited and Consulted, which should include a citation for The Norton Shakespeare textbook and any other sources you consulted while working on this paper. Final papers will be reviewed through Turnitin. Plagiarism automatically results in an F grade

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