The main factors that influence the loyalty of employee in an

 write: – the introduction “Write brief introduction about the researched topic” – overview like the numbers of the employees or statistics in abudhabi, UAE “Give an overview of the subject area. By way of introduction, this reading section of the existing literature should take the form of an abstract of the general subject or study area and identify the discipline(s) within which it falls. From this analysis the problem or disorder you wish to research will emerge and constitutes the reason or condition which necessitates the research. You should also indicate here the way in which your background gives you competencies in the chosen area.” – Research focus “This is where you explain the research problem, question and aim. If you use subheadings, this is the way to format them.” – Research problem “From the overview of the subject area follows the research problem, i.e. you have to identify the possible cause(s) of the disorder. This section states the problem that you are exploring.” – Research question” The research question is specific, concise, and clear. The research question can be expanded upon by stating sub-questions. ” Note: The difference between the research problem and research question is that the problem is broader, while the research question represents the “one question that you will answer at the end of your dissertation”. – Research aim “Next, you have to describe the research aim as it relates to solving the uncertainty or burning question you are interested in. It should explicitly hint towards the contribution you want to make with the intended study.”

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