The Feminine Mystique excerpt 1. How does she describe women

The Feminine Mystique excerpt

1. How does she describe women in this period

She described the women in this period as women whose sole focus was their husbands, children, and homes. ( Hafiz & Latiff, 2020)

2. What is the “mystique”?

This refers to an air of secrecy surrounding a particular activity or subject that makes it impressive or baffling to those without specialized knowledge.

3. How did society deal with the women’s problems that Friedan describes?

They were accorded the opportunities to as well venture into the employment fields and be able to balance family and work to live a purposed achieved life. 

For the following sources, write about two important ideas from each, Individually.

4. No more Miss America! ( 1968)

       1. It was a press article inviting women to participate in the September 7 Miss America protest and listing the women’s Liberation points of protests claiming that the image oppressed women in every area in what it purports to represent the women.  2. Male chauvinist reactionaries on that issue had best stay away nor male liberals welcome in the demonstrations.

6. Consciousness- Raising.

       It was a group of the bedrock of second-wave feminism, walking in up women to their struggles and the sexism of the social structures in which they lived. It felt the following needs 1. That consciousness raising might be a way to mend rifts between the nursing profession and the women’s movement. 2. To explain the consciousness-raising to their fellow nurses.

8. The politics of Housework ( 1970)

       1. It captures several pieces of advice for the women who want to share the housework with their male partners. 2 It addresses the fact that there was politics of housework proved eye-opening, though women do not complain power of husbands, each complaint of her husband or the husband of her friends. ( Forrester, K. 2022)

10. Feminist Voices 1970s. Angry Notes from a black Feminist (1970)

       1.  The black man is not a charismatic leader but a risk taker, who is indignant in face of white supremacy who seeks bodily form and transgresses segregation boundaries. 2 The young white woman is isolated and rejected by her family because of her work in the movement and as a result, her only source of intimacy is with the black community she works with.

12. The woman identified woman ( Radicle lesbians) 1970

       (Mackay 2022 )1. lesbianism is a category of behavior possible only in a society characterized by rigid sex roles and dominated by male supremacy. 2 It states that lesbians lack peace within themselves and go found to exchange intimacy with their fellow women to gain satisfaction. 

14. Betty Friedman Video One of America’s great feminists’ betty Friedman

       1. It addresses that the state of women can improve if they can combine and balance well their family chores and professional roles to live a fulfilled life. 2 It addresses a category of women who only focuses on family, children, and their husbands and does not tend to go beyond that.


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Mackay, F. (2022). Lesbian Feminism. In The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Sex and Sexuality (pp. 193-204). Routledge.

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