Textbook: Schulz, E. (2021). Integrated marketing strategies. MyEducator, LLC.


Textbook:  Schulz, E. (2021). Integrated marketing strategies. MyEducator, LLC. – Topic/Chapter 3 & 4

Company:  The Westside Coffee Company 

Website:  https://www.thewestsidecoffeecompany.com/

Review the Coffee Shop Keyword Search (attached)

  1. Identify the top 5 keywords  that The Westside Coffee Company should be using in website copy and  headings to get better search engine optimization (SEO) organic search  results from Google (using the Coffee Shop Keyword Search results attached). Provide a rationale for your selections.
  2. Allocate a budget to optimize a $500 per-week budget for Google Ad word marketing to get The Westside Coffee Company featured at the top of the search page in Google pay-per-click results. List the keywords you will bid on and the budget allocated to each. Provide a rationale for your selections.
  3. Write a two hundred fifty word content marketing story  on The Westside Coffee Company to promote The Westside Coffee Company  in the local newspaper that can also be reused on other digital formats,  including website, social media, and email blasts to customers.
  4. Create a $3,000 monthly advertising plan for The Westside Coffee Company. Use the media costs provided on the Local Media Costs (attached) and justify your recommendations with data.
  5. Estimate the 4-week reach/frequency and resulting gross rating points (GRPs) as part of your recommendation.

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