Supply chain management: Critically analyse this particular supply

Study the attached business case*, and write a case study report addressing, but not limited by, the following 2 components:

1. Study the business case autonomously; from an as much theoretical perspective as possible, and base on the case facts and case history:

a. Develop and articulate a general supply chain “conceptual model”, which best represents the case’s predominant supply chain strategy, supply chain structure, and supply chain operations. b. Given that the case may not provide all the information needed, as is often the case, some critical analysis demonstrating reasonable anticipation and/or extrapolation from the given facts may be necessary for a more thorough and rigorous report. c. By reviewing recent (within last 15 years) literatures (journal articles preferably) on the similar topics, provide your explanation on why such a conceptual model is the most convincing fit to the case in question, or otherwise.

2. From the supply chain’s strategy, process and/or operations perspective: a. Critically identify some most prominent supply chain management approaches presented or indicated in the case.

b. Critically analyse this particular supply chain management approach in terms of its underlying theoretical basis, strategic fitness, and operational feasibility.

c. By reviewing recent (within last 15 years) literatures (journal articles preferably) on the similar topics, further creatively evaluate the effectiveness of these particular approaches for supply chain management for this case and in general. 

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