Provider patient communication between minority health

Prepare a 1 page, single-spaced memorandum with a minimum of 4 references, to a State Policy Maker (specify who: type of state official) plus 2 pages of tables/graphs. State Policy Maker: Jimmy Guidry, M.D., the State Health Officer of Louisiana Choose problem; define and describe the problem/issue, and the consequences Problem: Communication between minority patients and physicians is characterized by doctors’ biased expectations, lack of culture competence, and language barriers. Consequences: Inadequate patient care, constant and longer ER visits, higher mortality and morbidity. Summarize data relevant to the issue: Provide percentages on incidence rate Trends over time considering this issue: what have studies shown over time about a decrease in minority health due lack to a lack of communication Risk factors Readability levels: the patient ability to read medicine, and doctor’s instructions Compare minority health to other races

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