(SOLVED) What is the scientific basis of peanut allergy and pregnancy?

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Anaphylaxis results in release of inflammatory mediators, histamine and leukotrienes. Why did the child become hoarse and wheeze? 2) The stimulus for this reaction was most likely peanut allergy. What is the immunological basis of this reaction? 3) When the child attended the allergy clinic he had a skin prick test for nut, milk, egg, corn and wheat allergens. Why? 4) Why was he treated with adrenaline when first presented in A&E? Why was he treated with Susphrine? 5) The incidence of peanut allergy is increasing..... Why? 6) What therapeutic modality might prevent penaut allergy? 7) What is the scientific basis of peanut allergy and pregnancy?

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1. Due to release of various inflammatory mediators, bronchial tissue get swelled up . This causes wheezing and breath shortness.

2. Anaphylaxis caused due to any reason, is a short term life threatening allergic reaction which is IgE mediated. This reaction occurs in those people who are sensitive to such antigens . Such re exposure causes dyspnea, laboured breathing, hypotension etc.

3. During clinical allergic examination , skin prick test was performed for various allergens. It is because for finding the responsible allergeic substances which caused such situation of anaphylaxis.

4. After administration of adrenaline, it shows a powerful vasoconstriction action with the help of alpha- adrenergic stimulation.

This property of adrenaline cancells the vasodilatation and control the increased vascular permeability. Due to this, intravascular fluid and hypotension are restored to normal.

5. The possible responsible factors for increasing energy to peanut are-

• Providing over protected lifestyle and environment

• Food habit

•genetic inheritance