Movie Do a short synopsis of the movie Give an


Do a short synopsis of the movie

  1. Give an initial diagnosis for this character in the movie
  2. Then you must list what diagnoses one would need to rule out as one continues to work with this character as a client.
  3. Then you must provide a tentative treatment plan utilizing Empirically Validated Treatment (EVT) or Evidence Based Best Practices (EBBP) if possible. You must be very precise and detailed in what the treatment would entail. You must talk about: 
    1. Type of treatment
    2. Length of treatment
    3. Specific methodology used in the treatment
    4. Benefits of the EVT or EBBP for the client
    5. Possible negative effects of the EVT or EBBP for the client
  4. You then must talk about whether or not one would refer this client to a psychiatrist for psychopharmacological treatment. If referring to a psychiatrist for possible medication you would have to detail out what possible type of medication the psychiatrist might choose, the rationale for its utilization, and what would be the benefits and possible negative side effects of it for the client.
  5. Lastly, if the movie character had been successful in getting the treatment outlined by you, how would the change in this character have affected the outcome of the story line in this movie?

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