Market Forces of Supply & Demand

 I. Introduction – In this section you are going to summarize your reference articles (3-4) for the same topic as you selected in the Article Review Assignment. In your own word you will summarize the Objectives, Content and Findings of each Article and will include them in your references. As in your Article Review you must explain in detail what is the specific topic of each article, what research information was used, the findings and the conclusions of each article. II. Content – Descriptive Analysis In this section (the body) of your paper you will Compare and Contrast the views and the findings of all four papers. These should be specific and explained in Essays developed by you. III. Conclusions In this section you will develop your own opinion of the subject topic from what you have learned about the subject. Also must include which of the views you support and/or views you don’t agree on. Explain the reasoning for your decision to support or not each view from the different referenced articles. topics to choose from: Chapter 1 – Principles of Economics Chapter 2 – Thinking like Economists Chapter 3 – Interdependence & Gains from Trade Chapter 4 – Market Forces of Supply & Demand Chapter 5 – Elasticity and Its Applications Chapter 6 – Supply, Demand & Government Policies Chapter 7 – Consumers, Producers and Market Efficiency Chapters 8 & 9 – Costs of Taxation / International Trade Chapter 10 – Measuring the Nation’s Income Chapter 11 – Measuring the Cost of Living Chapter 12 – Production & Growth Chapter 13 – Savings, Investment & the Financial System

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