Leadership Interview & Analysis: Conduct an interview with one or

Leadership Interview & Analysis: Conduct an interview with one or more leaders in the field such as service providers, administrators, and/or board members. This person should be within the area of the program that you want to design. Rather than provide an overview of the interview, your paper is to include a critical analysis and a discussion of the impact of this interview on the development of the proposal.

The focus of the paperr should be on your learning experiences. Specifically, you should address:

a) What you learned during the interview

b) New insights of the interview

c) The issues the interview raised

Write the summary in 4-5 pagess. There is no requirement to use academic references for this assignment. Be sure to attach the list of interview questions and the Interview Consent Form to the paper upon submission.

• Please note: You should carefully identify and select interviewees that you believe could assist with the development of the proposal or would help you with your personal development. Pick someone who is able to help you with the development of the proposal, satisfy your curiosity, and your interest in the organization or the field you are interested in.

Topics of the interview could include how the organization is managed in various areas including administration, budgeting, networking, marketing, challenges, funding

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