John Doe was murdered, and investigators believe that the victim

  1. John Doe was murdered, and investigators believe that the victim knew his murderer.
    Jane Doe explains that she left for the gym at 9 pm and came home from the gym and found John dead at 10 pm, by what looked like the hands of an intruder.
    The forensic examination of John’s body found that he was deceased for more than 4 hours.
    You arrive at the scene as the investigator, and you are responsible for examining digital evidence on the scene.
    The digital evidence is as follows:
    John Doe’s Digital EvidenceJane Doe’s Digital EvidenceLaptop ComputerLaptop ComputerFitbit wearable device (still on victim)Fitbit wearable device (still on victim)Doorbell Camera FootageDoorbell Camera FootageSmartphoneSmartphoneToll Pass in vehicleToll Pass in vehicleWireless RouterWireless Router
    As the lead investigator on the scene for this paper, you need to address the following.

    1. Select the three sources of evidence from the list above that will be MOST effective in the exoneration or implication of Jane Doe in the murder.
    2. Discuss how the evidence may be used to exonerate or implicate Mrs. Doe.
    3. Use research to support how this evidence may be used.
    4. Your paper should be in APA format, with at least two scholarly resources, and at least 1000 words.
      It is fine to make some assumptions in the writing just be sure to state those assumptions.

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