International Terrorism Policy

Write a paper responding to one of the following prompts: 1. Pick a country in Asia or Africa and describe three things: a. 1) The current state of “homegrown” terrorism, b. 2) One or two official government policies that the country is taking to address this issue (can be a multicultural approach, new laws, etc), and c. 3) Your informed opinion on the success (potential or existing) of the policy and why. Your informed opinion must be based on quality sources and evidence. 2. What do you think is the best policy the government can take at the Federal level to prevent/mitigate terrorism from occurring inside their borders? Use a real life example as a case study to demonstrate success and possible improvements that can be made. Do not use the United States as your example. 3. Discuss a grassroots effort to stop terrorism. It can be supplemented by a government but must have originated from local people. Something like the Average Mohammed cartoon or the CJTF in Nigeria (you need to find different projects). Determine if this is an effective method for countering terrorism, ways it could be improved and if the government should adopt the policy (or give it more support).

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