Instructions and Advice for Completion of the MPharm2 Diuretics

The aim of this document is to guide you through the data and statistical analysis and practical report writing process.

(1) Access the “Diuretics Practical Sessions” folder on studentcentral in the Study Materials section of the Renal Failure Case in the PY267 section. This will have everything you need to complete the practical report.

(2) Open up the Excel file called “Data Analysis February 2019”. The first three pages contain the data collected in the lab for the Orange Juice, Alcohol and Furosemide groups. Do the Data Analysis: For the Na+ and K+ concentrations, these are in given in millimolar (mM) which is mmol/L. These need to be converted into Na+ and K+ Output to take into account the diluting effect of the urine produced in the previous 30 minutes so adjust these values: Divide the Na+ concentration value in column E by 1000 (to convert mmol/L to mmol/mL) and then multiply that value by the Urine Output produced in the previous 30 minutes in column B (mL). This will give you Na+Output in mmol/30 min

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