Impact of influence or power on the therapeutic alliance, including a


The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to research more deeply either influence or power and to summarise and present their findings with a relevant PowerPoint. This assignment provides students with an opportunity to develop a more extensive understanding of influence or power through research and the presentation of a PowerPoint slideshow. Process: In this assignment, you will prepare and present a fifteen minute PowerPoint Presentation (15 to 20 slides) on the impact of influence or power on the therapeutic alliance, including a critique of power.

Choose one of the following two Presentation Topics Presentation Topic 1 – Influence: Cialdini (2008) lists six fundamental social and psychological principles for successful strategies used to achieve influence in his book Influence: Science and Practice. These six principles are: 1) rule of reciprocity 2) commitment and consistency 3) social proof 4) liking 5) authority 6) scarcity In your PowerPoint connect one influence principle to counselling practice with clients, and explain how this principle relates to the enhancement of, or harm caused to, the therapeutic alliance.

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