Imagine being an HR manager at KLC company and tasked

 Imagine being an HR manager at KLC company and tasked with creating a Talent and Value Proposition that focuses on creativity, annual budget savings, and possible labor reduction. Leadership has recently learned about a variety of automated solutions to assist with faster production, including artificial intelligence. This solution could shrink the current internal workforce by at least 40 percent in the first six months which would lead to terminating more than 100 employees. Leadership also thinks that these changes can lead to becoming more competitive in the field and contribute to overall growth for the organization. Lastly, leadership is interested in exploring a “gig economy” within the company to potentially save even more money by working with non-employees.  Using this scenario, decide if you are going to advise leadership to implement the new ideas that were shared or if you are going to make an active attempt to save the current employee pool and find alternative ways to save money overall.  Create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of six slides to present your decision on automated solutions to leadership that include the following.  

  1. Assess the pros and cons associated with artificial intelligence and why it should or should not be considered for use within the company. 
  2. Assess alternative ways to save money within the company to avoid having to terminate more than 100 employees. 
  3. Evaluate if implementing a gig economy would benefit the organization. 
  4. Evaluate the potential drawbacks in utilizing a gig economy with non-employees in lieu of current employees.
  5. Justify why you believe implementing automation solutions within the company is a good or bad choice based on your findings. 
  6. Use at least five quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not quality academic resources.

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