How did the Indian Goods and Services Tax (GST) impact the Meerut

The essay is for the purpose of the International Baccalaureate Extended Essay. The essay should be divided into the following sub categories of impact of GST on revenue, impact of GST profit, impact of GST employment, impact of GST on sales, impact of GST on consumer confidence, impact of GST on producer confidence, impact of GST on Average Cost, impact of GST on Average Revenue, impact of GST on diseconomies and economies of scale, impact of GST on the small and medium enterprises. All of this should be done with SPECIFICITY to the Meerut Sports Good Industry for which I shall provide the data. After the end of every sub category, the writer must relate back to the research question (topic) and illustrate how the argument relates to the topic. The essay MUST incorporate economic diagrams of Cost and Revenue and must be strictly academic, economic and analytical in nature. Under no circumstance can it be a narrative essay. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis must both be incorporated and more sub categories can be added besides the ones I have mentioned.

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