Hiring Standards a. What signifies as a qualified candidate? Methods


  1. Hiring Standards
    1. a.     What signifies as a qualified candidate?
  2. Methods of Identifying Final Choice (what method will you use for narrowing down the candidates?)
    1. a.     Random selection
    2. b.    Ranking
    3. c.     Grouping
    4. d.    Ongoing hiring
  3. Decision Making Efforts
    1. a.     Who will participate in the hiring decisions (HR professionals, hiring managers, VP, etc.)?
    2. b.    Will diversity be a determining factor?
  4. Job offer process
    1. a.     What are the next steps after the decision is made?
    2. b.    What strategic approaches will be considered?
    3. c.     Who will present the offer to the candidate?
    4. d.    Will employee contracts be used?
  5. New Employee Orientation
    1. a.     How will the training process look?

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