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Answer the questions below for the reading instruction materials on the “Big Questions about Intergovernmental Relations and Management: Who Will Address Them?” article by Kincaid and Stenberg, reviewing the United States intergovernmental institutional capacity (Kincaid & Stenberg, 2011). This article contains fifteen questions, which are aimed at providing future directions about intergovernmental relations and management (Kincaid & Stenberg, 2011). This is due to the changes in the intergovernmental world, which has led to uncertainties of the future. Intergovernmental relations involve interactions between officials of the federal, state, and local governments whether elected or appointed in the policy-making process, which involves making rules, and regulations, which govern the United States. Intergovernmental management involves the implementation and management of enacted policies between the federal and the state governments (Kincaid & Stenberg, 2011).

Review Questions

1. Which of the “Big Questions” intrigued you most? Explain Why.

2. Does the Questions that intrigued you still need answering? Explain Why or Why Not.

3. If the Questions have been answered, Explain Why and How.

4. What is the importance of the Questions as they relate specifically to State and Local Governments today?

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