Hello class, please post some of your reactions, critical ideas,


Hello class, please post some of your reactions, critical ideas, and interpretations of “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. Before engaging in this thread, you should have completed all readings in Module 1 Week 1.  **You will not be able to view your classmates’ responses until after you post.

I’ve given some prompts for consideration but feel free to bring up other insights or questions.

A short paragraph or two should suffice. You should incorporate some “direct quotes” from the story to support your points. This first discussion will be student-led as I want to take a step back and hear your own critical thoughts.

Remember to begin your post with a salutation, i.e. Hello class, and a closing signature.

When you have posted your response, please reply to at least two of your peers. Include a salutation, “Hi Sharon” and a closing signature.

Some discussion considerations. You do not have to address them all; they are merely to get you started.

  • how Mrs. Mallard is initially presented to readers
  • the Mallards’ marriage dynamic. Is there textual evidence that the Mallards’ marriage had some element of love/affection within it and that Mrs. Mallard grieves when she learns of her loss? In other words, although it is clear that Mrs. Mallard is silently repressed, is there some evidence that there was fondness?
  • Symbolism? the roomy armchair, the open window, the open square, the description of the springtime scene.
  •  Mrs. Mallard experiences a dramatic epiphany while in her bedroom. Why is her behavior/thoughts in direct conflict with historical context of the late 19th century? 
  • What is your interpretation of the verbal ironic ending? Did Mrs. Mallard really die of “the joy that kills” (the joy of seeing her husband alive) or was it for another reason entirely? What message or themes might Chopin have wanted to get across to readers?


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