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Analyzing the conceptual framework for evaluating innovation in healthcare organizations put forth by Omachonu and Einspruch uncover the structure for a successful and thorough compilation of components needed for innovative healthcare. This framework is successful in delivering a purpose for the organization in the form of treatment, diagnosis, prevention, education, research and outreach. This is outlined as the core region in the framework that is directly affected by information technology and healthcare providers. In turn, this allows for there to be an impact on the patient in the form of quality, costs, safety, efficiency, and outcomes (Omachonu et al., p. 10, 2010). These components and factors result in innovation in healthcare according to this specific model by Omachonu and Einspruch. While this framework feels comprehensive in covering the bases on how one aspect directly impacts another, I would look at the model less as one step leads to another and more so how each component is a piece of a puzzle that contributes to healthcare innovation. Rather than cause and effect, I think it is important to analyze ways to find innovation in a less lateral format.

Looking at the specific organization I work in, in terms of innovation practices that elevate the organization from a competitive standpoint would be the outreach portion of organizational innovation. As a small practice, there are lapses in technology and fancy patient portals, but what the organization lacks in bells and whistles, is made up for by the implementation of a new organizational method in the firm’s business practices, workplace organization, or external relations. (Omachonu et al., p. 3, 2010). This is exemplified by the relentless work in patient relations when it comes to scheduling surgeries, follow-up after patients have had surgeries, extensive communication about the billing process along with the pre-authorization process, and overall customer service. Patients are able to reach a staff member without being put on hold because the organization has prioritized maintaining a smaller patient load and only one provider to ensure that every patient experiences a high-quality level of care. In turn, this gives the health care organization a competitive advantage against larger organizations that lack innovation in giving patients direct and quality access to staff members willing and able to aid in their ease of care. 



Healthcare innovation can be defined as the introduction of a new concept, idea, service, process, or product aimed at improving treatment, diagnosis, education, outreach, prevention and research, and with the long-term goals of improving quality, safety, outcomes, efficiency and costs (Omachonu & Einspruch, 2010, p. 5).  Therefore, I think Omachonu and Einspruch framework for evaluating innovation serves as a great purpose for the improvement of healthcare organizations by giving them innovative ideas to manage the efficiency of patient outcomes and their safety.   I also think their framework is used as an instrumental typology for innovation to grow and prosper healthcare organizations beyond their expectations through six distinct purposes such as treatment and research.  Therefore, the framework is used to help healthcare organizations to enhance the lives of their patients and give them affordable health services they deserve to live a quality lifestyle.  However, this framework will help healthcare professionals to focus more on the patients to make sure the patient is seen and heard while their needs are met during their visit to a healthcare organization.

          The healthcare organization I have selected for this discussion that I know fairly well is Planet Fitness, LLC.  They have made plenty of innovative changes to their facility to confer a competitive advantage over their competitors in a multitude of ways.  Each month Planet Fitness has different ideas that they use on social media to help grow their clientele.  They have offered many clients to sign up for a membership for $10 a month and 24/7 access to the gym.  This is a great marketing idea/special for their clients because it gives them a chance to use their gym membership at an affordable cost and will give them the opportunity to use the gym at their convenience.  They also offer free trials to guest for 14 days who are looking to try the gym out before signing up for a membership.  This is why Planet Fitness’s Free Trial policy is very attractive for customers who want to try out their services without committing to an extended contract.  The free trial offer must be used at sign-up and is valid for 14 days (Jons, 2021).

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