Fixed Interest and Derivative Securities

Using the OptAll.xls spreadsheet, test option strategies using the 10 years of monthly exchange rate data downloaded from EIU which is available from the University database Marking scheme (notes are integral to the marking scheme): Presentation and clarity of your report 40% Quality of content 60% 100% Notes (failure to follow these notes will adversely affect your marks): You must submit one Word file to Turnitin All tables and diagrams must be in the main text.

List the data in an appendix do not use the appendix for any other purpose You must fully explain your option strategy.

You must present a full analysis of the subsequent performance of your strategy References are not required for this exercise Do not share or show any material you have prepared to other groups– such actions will make you liable to plagiarism. You are required to apply the material delivered on the course to this task. No marks will be given to elements of your submission that are not based on material delivered on the course. You are not being assessed on the actual performance of your option strategy but rather: The rationale of your strategy the method by which you constructed the strategy the presentation and clarity of your analysis. Strategies that perform well but have no clear rationale will receive a fail mark. Consultation with the module delivery team (staff) will not adversely affect your mark and is to be encouraged. 

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