Explain the type of food and how it is produced. i. What is the scale

Writing Guidelines for the Research Paper  The paper must be a minimum of 5 pages not including the Literature Cited section The paper must be double-spaced and use a 12 point font.  The paper must be left justified. Make sure the right side is not justified.  Citations (in-text citations and Lit. Cited section) must follow APA format guidelines.  Do NOT directly quote information from your sources. I want you to interpret what you read and put it in your own words (paraphrase).  Spelling and grammar is important! Use spell check! Proof-read your finished paper! Take advantage of the writing help through Smarthinking. PURPOSE: Investigate and summarize current research on the ecological impacts of food production. TOPIC: There are various aspects of food production and every aspect has an effect on the natural ecosystem. You will focus on one specific type of food production, explain the process of how your specific type of food is produced mentioning any changes in the process that have been made over time, what effects does this process have on the environment, what steps have been made to mitigate these effects and what, if any, future steps need to be taken.

LITERATURE/RESEARCH: You should have at least four sources and none of those can be an internet site. Two of the four sources MUST come from peer-reviewed journals. You will be allowed to use internet sites, but they will NOT count toward the total. Every source listed in your Literature Cited section MUST be cited in the text of your paper. While 4 sources is the minimum requirement, it is not the maximum. Include as many sources as you need to thoroughly discuss your topic. FORMAT: The paper should include the following sections: Title page, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, and Literature Cited. TITLE PAGE: The title should be descriptive of your paper. The title should provide clues as to what your paper will discuss; be creative. Below the title you should have your name.

INTRODUCTION: Start with the following section heading: Introduction. The introduction should be 1.5—2 pages long. This is where you introduce the food you have chosen and explain how this food is produced. You should have at least one citation in the Introduction. Your introduction should end with your purpose statement. This is where you explain why you are writing this paper – what story/message do you plan to tell? DISCUSSION: Start with the following section heading: Discussion. The discussion is the focus of the paper and should be a minimum of 3 pages. This is where you will discuss the ecological impacts of the type of food production. Discuss any methods that have been introduced to mitigate the negative impacts to the environment. You will need to read through the scientific literature and summarize what has been found. You should have at least 3 citations in the Discussion. CONCLUSION: Start with the following section heading: Conclusion. The conclusion should be between 0.5—1 page. The conclusion summarizes the information in the paper. Do not rewrite your Discussion, but mention the key findings from your research. You can wrap up with a statement or two explaining the future of the food production and the environment – Are there areas that need further study? Are there additional steps that can be taken to minimize the ecological impact while still producing an adequate food supply?

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