Explain the Difference-Leading or Managing?

 Paper details: Create two interview questions from the reading, the questions should relate to the ideas of leading or managing and how they may apply to your upcoming leader interview. For this assignment, assume the role of a director of training for a large metropolitan school district. Create a training session to explain the difference between a leader and a manager. The reason for the training is to help differentiate the roles for those assuming the position of either manager or leader in the various school districts. The presentation should be generic enough to use throughout many schools, levels, and venues, but detailed enough for a novice to clearly understand the differences between a leader and a manager. Your audience is the school leaders or managers. Use PowerPoint or Prezi to create a narrated presentation that you could share as a presentation through Youtube, Screencast, or another medium. Length: 12 PowerPoint slides References: Support your work with at least five scholarly resources. Use the references below in the slides along with 2 more references • Bush, T. & Glover, D. (2014) School leadership models: what do we know? • Leadership-Tools. (2015). How leadership differs from management. • Lopez, R. (2014). The relationship between leadership and management: Instructional approaches and its connections to organizational growth.

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