Explain the concept of the Otsuka Museum.

Page 1. Explain the concept of the Otsuka Museum. Do you agree –or disagree– with the creation of “replica” museum? You can use the interiors of the Scrovegni Chapel & the Sistine Chapel, if it helps you. Do not include all the information about the museum, . Give at least 3 reason. Double spaced. Page 2. Find two artworks from different periods on the Otsuka website or choose Vermeer and Leonardo or Michelangelo and Giotto’s examples in the following slide. Go on line to find information on your choices. On line, find where they are located Compare them to the space the originals are located. What are the different experiences for the viewer & which one do you prefer? Give at least 3 reason. Double spaced. http://www.o-museum.or.jp/english/publics/index/20 need MLA

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