Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare U.S instructions


You are a healthcare administrator at Stronger Memorial Hospital and are considered an expert on healthcare policy. You have a particular interest in ethical and legal questions that arise in the hospital setting. For this reason, you will be the main speaker at a regional conference for hospital administrators. Following the conference, you return to Stronger Memorial Hospital to provide training and resources to the hospital staff on ethical and legal issues in healthcare.


At the conference, you hear a historical account of Henrietta Lacks. Intrigued by her story, you decide to create a brochure for your staff that uses her real-life experience to focus on critical and relevant ethical principles at Stronger Memorial Hospital.

Your brochure needs to:

identify and explain the four principles of medical ethics that hospital administrators should use to guide their decision-making

describe what happened to Henrietta Lacks

connect each of the four principles of medical ethics to the case of Henrietta Lacks

describe in detail the relationship between Henrietta Lacks and her providers

explain why the Henrietta Lacks case is considered a landmark case

explain how the case of Henrietta Lacks informs 21st century practice and policy

rewrite the story of Henrietta Lacks as if she were a patient at Stronger Memorial Hospital today. Use the resources provided to help you:

apply the four principles of medical ethics

identify specific ethical issues that arise in the provider-patient relationship

identify and describe influences that have changed the patient-provider relationship in recent years

describe specific actions the staff should take to ensure that Henrietta Lacks receives ethical treatment at Stronger Memorial

Be sure to appropriately cite any resources you use. The brochure should be 1500-2000 words in length.

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