Epidemiology of yellow fever

A descriptive background Yellow fever * Identify the agent, reservoir(s), mode of transmission mosquito , and incubation period.

* Write a descriptive epidemiologic analysis of yellow fever Describe the patterns of this emerging pathogen by person, place, and time. Need statics of the disease currently maps with data Yellow fever from NIH, WHO or posted in ProMED-mail and search their archives for additional information • Select a population at risk for your emerging pathogen. brazil seems to newest out break of yellow fever • Discuss reasons why the rate is higher in this population. • Discuss the issues for preventing the emerging pathogen in your selected population.

• Describe surveillance methods and screening tests that may be used for detecting the emerging pathogen in your selected population. Identify strategies for addressing the issues you identified above. • Describe how you would design a study to evaluate your proposed strategy. • How would you disseminate your findings? some of the references I started include References American College of Physicians (2017). Ongoing surveillance and vaccination are key to prevent yellow fever outbreak in humans. Annals of Internal Medicine Retrieved http://annals.org/aim/article/doi/10.7326/M17-1949 Centers of Disease Control (2016a). Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice, Third Edition an introduction to Applied Epidemiology and biostatistics.Lesson 6: Centers of Disease Control (2018b). Yellow Fever Travel Information Retrieved from https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/page/yellow-fever-information

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