Effect of social media on society- What laws have had to be enacted

Answer the following questions in the essay in MLA format and include them with your assignment: How is this problem a social problem (you may find that using Charon’s Four Questions Approach (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. is very helpful)? How do AT LEAST TWO of the major theories (functionalism, conflict/feminist, interactionist) apply to this social problem? How did you decide the levels of each problem you described and how do they relate to each other? How did you determine the priority level?

For whom is this a problem/priority? Guidelines: MLA format: For the written portion of this paper, use MLA. See your syllabus for details. You are encouraged to work with a consultant at the Writing Center Concept Map: the map may be inserted as your first page, or may be inserted as the last page (after the Works Cited)

Works -A concept map of at least three tiers, 10 boxes -A directed essay which addresses specific questions (see below) -For this assignment, you will be constructing a concept map of one aspect of your assigned topic and then explaining the logic of your map construction Cited: at least eight credible, reliable works cited-At least 8 research sites should be referenced, 4 of which should be peer reviewed articles.

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