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Scenario CCS has been hired by a regional food bank to direct a campaign in coordination with the organization’s development department. You are the Director of the campaign and currently six weeks into a twelve-week timeline. Giving USA has just published their annual philanthropy report, which presents an overview of charitable giving in the United States. The report provides data for sources of giving and philanthropic donations received by type of organization. The CEO of the food bank forwarded you the Giving USA press release. She has asked you to provide her with a short memo summarizing the results of the report and any trends that stand out when compared with the food bank’s past fundraising results. She is interested in how this report may influence the food bank’s fundraising plans. The CEO has asked that you also create a PowerPoint presentation so you may present the information and your recommendations at the next development department staff meeting. Tasks 1. Write a 1-2 page informative memo to the CEO in response to her request. In your memo, you should: • Provide an overview of Giving USA’s main findings • Highlight any key data pertinent to the food bank • Compare Giving USA’s trends with those of the food bank • Make recommendations for important next steps

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