Description: Find a children’s picture book that depicts exceptionalities. Include


  1. Find a children’s picture book that depicts exceptionalities.
  2. Include a picture of the book cover
  3. A link to the story being read aloud (found on YouTube or done by you)
  4. Write a brief statement of why you chose this book, how it relates to exceptionalities, and how you might use it in a classroom setting with a group of children. Can you think of a “lesson” idea?

Here’s an example:

Aurora's Gift: Autism Awareness Children's Book

Click HERE to view and listen to the read-aloud.

I chose the book Aurora’s Gift, written by Emily Bunny. This book is about a girl named Aurora and how she views the world. Aurora has autism and describes it as having a gift inside her. She explains that her gift did not come wrapped up in a bow but is inside her brain and is not seen. She goes on to say how her gift makes her special. She says she didn’t want to talk and play in her way. I chose this book because Aurora embraces her autism and explains how she views life in a way everyone can understand. She helps the reader relate to the ways that make her special. I also like the illustrations as they are soft and include white space, making them easy to view.   It is reassuring to read stories about exceptionalities where the point of view is from Aurora herself, the main character. A lesson I would consider is having children do “All About Me” pictures and creating a class book.

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