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Read the instructions carefully as you will need to draw ERD diagram, relationship diagram and the database shall include 3 relational tables. the company that i will choose is Ali BABA, also i will attach the project guidelines and the two chapters which are extremely important to read all of them and follow everything as it explains the database solution, ERD diagram and relational table & i will attach 2 examples for 2 different probems and each one of them has the solution for ERD diagram and relational table which you will have to do the same for this database solution., . and also if you can look at something from the internet that can help you to draw the diagrams then that would be good. again. please follow all the instructions and the guidelines. Do not forget to write the description of the business, business process of interest and the planned improvement which is how they conduct their business & how to improve it and so on. and the strategic competitive advantage of the database. Be as detailed as you can and make sure that everything related to the database, ERD diagram and relational diagram is correct please.

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