Create a photographic essay that explores a women’s health issue in

You will create a photographic essay that explores a women’s health issue in depth (Immigrants to Canada & intimate partner violence as it affect women’s mental health) using a critical feminist lens . A photo essay is a sequence of images which tell a story, or illicit a feeling (or feelings) based on the subject (s) captured in the compositions.

The idea of a narrative should be apparent, as it is an essay and should communicate an argument or at least establish a discourse based on the images you choose to present. The key is to think about the sub-titles of body languages… “Images speak a thousand words” is so true…resist clichés and concentrate on how an image can communicate a thought, feeling or emotion You can then capture/represent some of your thinking about this area of women’s health and/or women’s health movements via black and white photographs, being sure to take pictures that do not include people’s identity-faces, names etc. You create your own images, not from the internet . Be creative and think metaphorically.

This is not a surface exercise, but rather is best developed after much reflection. You are then to construct a photo essay, or a sequence of five images that together can tell a story that you believe to be important concerning your area of scholarly inquiry. The narrative, or the points of analysis, should be apparent and the discourse present. You may use up to three words as captions, but you have to get your point across through the presentation of the photo. Be sure to put the women’s health issue as a title. A written paper is to accompany the photos that will in addition to explaining the significance of the photographs, the paper will identify current feminist concerns (Immigrants to Canada & intimate partner violence as it affect women’s mental health) regarding mainstream policy and practice You are to creatively title and then articulate the subject area of your inquiry. Summarize the key points. Direct quotes from the literature are discouraged. Discuss how this subject is: a) relevant to women’s health using Social Determinants of Health Lens; b) best understood using an Intersectional Lens and Analysis; and c) an issue of importance to nursing. Explain your five photos, including what point you are making in each. Finally, articulate your intended narrative, or thesis, while ensuring you tie the five photos together in a cohesive overarching argument. In other words, state how the five photos together make your argument. End with your call for change, and how nurses as advocates can be involved. Include at least 10 references.

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