Confidence Interval

Scenario/Summary The highlight of this week’s lab is confidence intervals and the use of these intervals in the health sciences. There is a short reading that specifically relates confidence intervals to health sciences and then you are asked to demonstrate your knowledge of confidence intervals by applying them in a practical manner. Deliverables/Grading Rubric The deliverable is a word document with your answers. This is the only file that should be submitted for this assignment. Below is the grading rubric for this assignment. Category Points % Description Part A 10 17% Description of decision or problem Part B 20 33% How the interval would impact the decision or problem Part C 20 33% Data collection Grammar and formatting 10 17% Lab is easy to read and follow; correct grammar and spelling Total 60 100% A quality lab will meet or exceed all of the above requirements. Required Software Microsoft Word Internet access to read articles Steps to Complete the Lab First Article: Confidence Intervals, Part 1 Second Article: Confidence Intervals, Part 2 Consider the use of confidence intervals in health sciences with these articles as inspiration and insights. Describe how you could use confidence intervals to help make a decision or solve a problem in your current job, a clinical rotation, or life situation. Include these elements: Description of the decision or problem How the interval would impact the decision and what level of confidence would be most appropriate and why What data would need to be collected and one such method of how such data could ideally be collected Save the Lab document with your answers and include your name in the title. Submit the document.

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