Clearly Explains How Solution Would Solve Problem

Evaluation You will assign a score to each paper you review. Additionally, you will provide comments and feedback justifying the score. The feedback (and not the score) are the most important component of this assignment. The evaluation criteria are as follows:

• Introduction • Significance/Conclusion • Clearly Describes Problem at Hand • Clearly Explains Proposed Solution To Problem • Clearly Explains How Solution Would Solve Problem • Formality • Spelling and Grammar • General (Mechanics) Formality refers to whether the writing was casual and informal, or of a suitable level of formality for a technical paper. General (Mechanics) refers to proper formatting, references and style, appropriate font size and layout, etc. It is intended to be a general place to voice any concerns not covered by the other criteria. Note that you are evaluating the quality of the writing and not the feasibility of the proposal. You can assume the idea being proposed is acceptable. Length of Evaluation Each criteria above should have a minimum one paragraph explanation justifying the score given for that component. There is no length restriction.

#Explains #Solution #Solve #Problem

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