Cable Shopping

 Part 2: Do a little research on cables by going shopping online (13 points). The first part of chapter 4 discusses various types of cables including the media type, bandwidth capacity, and distance limitation. Let’s pretend that you are going to lay some new cable, and you are responsible for selecting and purchasing the cables. Find an online retailer (not Amazon) that specializes in selling networking cables. The online retailer may or may not also sell other networking equipment. 1. Which online store did you use to purchase your cables? Please provide the URL. 2. You’ll need the following items: A bag of 100 RJ45 connectors 1,000 ft of Cat 6 plenum – UTP 1,000 ft of Cat 6 – UTP 24 cables – 3 ft. of Cat 6 – UTP 4 cables – 32 ft. of MMF with MTRJ/MTRJ What is the cost of each item and also the total cost of your purchase? 3. What was the price difference between the 1,000 ft of standard cable vs plenum cable? 4. In what circumstance(s) would you need to use a plenum cable? 5. On the pre-manufactured Cat 6 cables, you might have found an option for a cable with a boot and one without a boot. What is the boot of the cable AND why might you select a cable with a boot?

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