APA format Be constructive and professional. 100 to 200 words

APA format

Be constructive and professional.

100 to 200 words in length

Be sure to use your experience and research in your posts. 

1 peer reviewed source

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Jarvis Perry

2:55 Am

Hi Classmates and Instructor,

A manager’s primary function is to develop a strategy to achieve organizational targets and goals. This includes allocating personnel and delegating tasks to staff, as well as maintaining reasonable delivery deadlines and expectations. In order to make minor changes where necessary, preparation allows those in managerial positions to constantly check team success while also having a consistent view of the larger priorities and strategies of an organization.

Most of one’s planning function is to work individually to decide the roles to which workers must be delegated, set priority levels for such activities, and establish timelines. Communication still plays a major part, though. For example, when they visit corporate leadership to negotiate short and long-term plans, managers struggle with preparation, and when they routinely convey the details of a new initiative to staff or check-in to ensure that individual goals are reached on schedule. Along with planning, the management skills of a manager may help ensure that a company or departmental entity operates smoothly. From creating organizational procedures and frameworks to knowing which personnel or teams are ideally suited for particular roles, essential management duties are to keep everybody and everything coordinated in everyday operations.

The organization is not just about successfully delegating responsibilities and ensuring that workers have what they need to complete their tasks, too. In addition to emerging problems, administrators will need to be able to reorganize. In the context of marginally adapting the timetable for a project or re-allocating responsibilities from one party to another, this could come into effect. Or, in reaction to organization expansion, it could involve dramatically altering the internal configuration and functions of the staff.

Managers should feel relaxed and secure in managing the everyday activities of their staff members including during times of big change or difficulty. Setting priorities and communicating new processes, goods, and services, or organizational policies means presenting a positive sense of purpose and leadership.

Leadership could express itself in a number of different ways, including understanding that workers need an external boost of support and gratitude for reasonably and decisively managing disputes between team members. Sometimes, managers may work as leaders through modeling positive, inspiring, and motivational behaviors, even during minor personal interactions.


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