Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Many helping services maintain web pages or blogs to market their services and educate their customers. Create a blog post, with yourself as an example, to illustrate development in adolescence and emerging adulthood.

Preparation look for research articles on adolescent and early adult development. The articles should focus on how theories of development explain cognitive and psychosocial development. Find at least three scholarly or professional articles to use in this assignment. Requirements For this assignment, you will apply developmental theories to your own adolescent and early adult development. Think about how the developmental theories—cognitive, psychosocial, moral, attachment, and ecological—relate to helping you better understand your own development. Think about your life experiences during these stages and how those experiences shaped your development in specific areas.

For example, you might consider how certain educational (or other) experiences helped you reach formal operations thinking in your cognitive development. Also, think about your identity development and the relationships or experiences in your life that contributed to your sense of identity. Please note: Since this assessment is asking you about your personal development, it is appropriate to write in the first person. However, you must still follow APA guidelines for references and citations. Also, be sure you include a title page and reference page. Select two specific areas of development on which to focus: Cognitive. Psychosocial. Moral. Attachment. Ecological. In your assignment, be sure you address the following: Explain what theory informs the areas of development you selected. Describe at least two life experiences during adolescence and two experiences during early adulthood that were significant in shaping your development in each of the areas you selected. Apply ideas and concepts from theory to explain your behavior, thoughts, and emotions during adolescence and early adulthood. 

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