A multinational organisation as Head of Human Resources: An overview

You have recently joined a multinational organisation as Head of Human Resources. Following a period of sustained growth accompanied by a lack of strategy around human resource practices you have been hired to produce an improvement plan around the transfer of HR practices across international subsidiaries.

NB. For the purpose of the report you may select an industry, for example, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, charity, service.

Following the guide below produce an appropriately formatted report which draws on relevant theory, academic literature and debates to provide a clear set of strategic recommendations to the Board.

A brief introduction to the organisation and the report (10 marks)

An overview of the distinction between domestic and international human resource management practices (10 marks)

A summary of the critical debate around convergence and divergence of human resource policy and practice in the international context (10 marks)

A critical discussion around international recruitment strategies including the use of expatriate employees (15 marks)

A critical discussion around the choice of training system in a variety of international contexts (15 marks)

An exploration of the impact of culture and institutions on employee voice mechanisms (15 marks)

A critical review of reward systems in different national contexts (15 marks)

A clear set of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) recommendations on the above (10 marks)

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