2 pages, no need for cover page. Read Chapters 6-8

  2 pages, no need for cover page. 

  1. Read Chapters 6-8 and 15 of Kendi (2019).
  2. Research diversity consciousness and how it can be improved in organizations.
  3. Listen to the podcast, “Advertising and Race” at
  4. Include the following in your initial posting:

    1. Explain diversity consciousness.
    2. Articulate why you agree or disagree that diversity consciousness is an essential quality
      for leaders.
    3. Explain what role you believe diversity consciousness plays for leaders seeking to
      effectively manage bias and stereotypes. Integrate any insights you gained from the
      podcast or Kendi (2019) to support your thoughts.
    4. Provide three strategies for improving diversity consciousness in an organization.


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