1) be yourself but carefully 2) Data science and art

1) be yourself but carefully 

2) Data science and art of persuasion.

3) evolution and future 

4) find the coaching in criticism

5)  five messages leader must manage

6) from purpose to impact 

7)  Good communication that blocks learning 

8) how to become an authentic speaker

9) how to give a killer presentation 

10) how to pitch a brilliant idea.

11)   Making Business Personal

12) making dumb groups smarter 

13) Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

14) moments of greatness 

15)  overloaded circuits 

16) The Authenticity Paradox

17) the five messages leader must manage

18)  the four truths of storyteller 

19) When to Cooperate with Colleagues and When to Compete

20) https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-leadership-brief/202208/youre-nervous-about-public-speaking

i have attached a good article not as a reference. 

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